Wayne Wolfson

Wayne Wolfson is a completely self-taught artist. His main mediums are watercolor on paper in a figurative style, graphite and collage. His works have been seen in shows & and private collections worldwide. Wayne cites music as his key influence.
With collage, his are a little different than the rest. He only uses images from photos which he personally took. He is so serious about collaging that he came up with a term for his ( CinefieldĀ®) which he then had trademarked.
The definition is "Flat, two-dimensional visual works of art on paper which create the feeling of movie-like narratives through a composition of image rich and story-like printed pictures."
He never uses any digital magic. All his work utilizes the traditional method of scissors and adhesive applied with brush. It is very time consuming and he equates it to some extent to the master watchmakers and those bent over their bench haute couture maestros who hand sew every bead onto a piece.