Paper Useful Tips

There are several types of essays that students need to master during their schooling. According to the source of the work, compositions can be based on one's own experience, an excursion, a book read or impressions of a painting. According to the degree of independence, written works may be individual or group. Concerning the latter, this form is mostly used in younger classes when children still have difficulties with organizing their thoughts and impressions independently. Gradually the pupil learns to write individual works.

In terms of genre, a distinction is made between descriptions, narratives and reasoning. In the early grades, the genre used is narrative with descriptive elements. This is because the narrative refers to some kind of action and it is quite easy for children to deal with story lines. The description requires more complex skills, in particular observation. After all, pupils are required to point out the signs of a particular phenomenon, a character, and this requires attentiveness.

As for the reasoning, this genre requires the logical interweaving of personal judgments into the work, so such compositions are written already in high school. In terms of style, creative writing may be of everyday, business, documentary, scientific and journalistic nature. The essay style shall be chosen according to the genre and subject matter.

The essay shall meet the school requirements.
Essays are an integral part of the school curriculum. That is why there are a number of requirements for writing this kind of work set by the Ministry of Education and Science:

- the ability to comprehend the facts necessary for writing an essay.
- the ability to observe, to highlight relevant information.
- selection of words and phrases appropriate to the topic and genre.
- construction of sentences according to the laws of grammar.
- the ability to draw up an outline of a future work.
- organization of the written work in accordance with the plan.
- Observance of spelling and punctuation norms of the language.