Texas, USA

Let's face it, parenting is hard enough without the judgement of family, friends and other moms! Everywhere you go is another invitation for unsolicited advice! I don't care if you have 10 kids. Some days I just don't give a hoot about the ins and outs of baby led weaning or cloth diapering! I just want to make it through the day with less than 3 new stains on my shirt and a child who is still alive and some what functioning (and bonus points if I can get in a shower and a home cooked meal).

Hi y'all! I'm Cassandra ( wife, mother, and special education teacher-- incase you were wondering). I created this blog with the intent to show what I think the majority of mothers go through every day. We can't all be June Clever (and seriously that'd be awfully draining)!

I hope a few mothers out there can read this blog and think, "Thank God! I'm not the only one whose made that mistake!" If nothing else, I'm happy to share my incites and give a few moms some much needed laughs!

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