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In 1999, Rita decided to start a recipe blog where she loves to share old and new culinary creations to a following of 100,000 from around the world.

Living in USA from a young age, Rita’s love for food and cooking for her family, inspired her to cook indian, parsi, fusion and traditional home foods.
Rita gave her first cooking class to a group of her hometown’s Library; loving the opportunity to meet new people who share her passion for food, she has gone on to give many more cooking presentations in US.

Rita has authored and published several Cookbooks & eBooks on
Please visit Amazon’s Rita Jamshed Kapadia Page for her cookbooks.

* 25 % of Proceeds from sale of Rita’s cookbooks go towards charity.

All Cookbooks are in English, except the ancient re-print of Vividh Vani book which is in Gujarati.
Available as a Paperback or eBook

Rita directs and administrates a discussion group and page named “Parsi Cuisine” (PC) on Facebook. Its membership is open to all, so all can enjoy free parsi food resources, recipes, tips and cooking photos.

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