1.Course:Media 230
2.Favorite Book: 50 Laws of Power by Robert Greene. Powerful and practical lessons to live by.
3 Favorite Movie:, LOTR trilogy. Interesting plotlines, world building, and use of literary devices.
4.Favorite Media Practitioner: Conrado De Quiros and Bong Osorio. I used to like them Back in college days, but now I am no longer fascinated with popular people.
5.Favorite Song: Hanging by a moment. Just one of the favorite songs of a Lifehouse fan.
6.Favorite Website: A website that is full of insightful ideas and criticisms in pop culture.
7.Favorite Food: Steak and Aglio Olio. Our family's version of pansit and shanghai whenever there is an occassion.
8.Hobbies: Writing Poetry and Song compositions through fruity loops application.

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