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I was born in Italy to a very different type of family than your typical Italian one. We had a lot of relatives but our home life was very different from most others. in many ways families
Father Musician mother singer of the Jazz bands that my father formed, for some years.
My life story could be a book as big as War and Peace, lol It will come out I hope clearly as I blog with my friend Ike. I am praying for guidance because this small blog is my testimony as well so, I pray for the Spirit of God to guide me in when and how I will write anything at all.
I love Jesus with a passion the few know of. He is all to me with a perfect second in my husband Toby, one of many gifts from the Father. I hope if anyone will follow, This love Blog will bring a smile and Hope in someone's life. One day, I saw the "light" I recognized that there was a God and He loved me, little sinful me!

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