Purposeful content writer, Executor and Serial Entrepreneur.
Sir Peace or Pcontent, as he is popularly called, is an inspirational speaker, a coach who finds joy in giving motions to people’s vision.
He’s got over 13years managerial experience combine in Telecoms/IT, Event Strategy & Management, Aviation industry and Digital Marketing.
He is co-found and still strategy director SmartMove Digital South Africa, and provide website and business development strategize to Lexi Marketing South Africa.
At first it was all about staying late on the system, until I realize a world (Digital marketing) out there, needing my input to be balance, so I launched in to create 1DecisionDigital, a digital marketing agency with focus on sales conversion, traffic, trust and more money for both small and larger company without charging a fortune.
I enjoy designing website and of course writing tailored made content that suit client and clients targeted audience.
Please don’t tell Peace an idea cannot sell-Peace is an intelligence in action.