Peter Foxhoven

Des Moines, Iowa

Peter Foxhoven was born in the Iowa city of Des Moines.

He went to ISU and Drake University for his education (undergrad and grad school, respectively). He may be heard on the popular podcast The Appendix N Podcast, where he discusses themes like Conan the Barbarian's life.
Peter was recently featured in EbizNews, where he explains how to engage with clients in a variety of ways. "In the business world, building relationships is such an important element of the entrepreneur's function," Peter Foxhoven says. "You need contacts with other professionals in every field, but most importantly, you need strong connections with your buyers."
It doesn't matter if you're a B2B, B2C, or D2C company; you need to know what matters to your clients and be prepared to address those demands."
According to Peter Foxhoven, a business owner or entrepreneur should engage with clients in five ways:
Know Who You're Talking To – You'll have a hard time creating a relationship if you don't know who you're attempting to help, according to Foxhoven. His advise is to avoid making assumptions about the audience by first learning about their actual pain issues and motivators before putting speculations about what will appeal to them to the test.
Maintain Open Lines of Communication - Providing continuous updates is critical to providing a transparent and honest service. Provide honest updates, even if the news is bad, says Foxhoven. Customers will become increasingly annoyed and lose faith in your brand if you leave them guessing.
Evaluate and Improve — Take a look at how your customers perceive your job. Checking in or submitting a survey is a great method to find out how they feel about you. He cautions against taking anything to heart. But, whenever there's opportunity for improvement, pay attention and make the necessary changes to grow your company.
Underpromise and overdeliver — Many companies strive to overpromise and then struggle to deliver. Instead, Foxhoven advises against promising anything you aren't confident you can deliver. He explains, "Only promise what you are certain of." "Wow your customers by delivering faster, better, or cheaper than you promised at the outset." When you go above and beyond what you say you'll do, you gain significant brownie points with everyone you're working with or for."
According to Peter Foxhoven, you must become an expert — Develop your professional knowledge and skills till you are regarded as an expert. Being an expert, according to Foxhoven, is critical to establishing the authority that others trust to work with. Finding your specialization within your sector as you gain expertise can assist you further lock in the ideal audience who can appreciate what you have to offer.
Thrilling adventure as Conan the Barbarian battles wicked wizards and searches for treasure in deep, dark dungeons are just a few of the topics Peter covers.
Peter enjoys spending quality time with his lovely wife and family when he is not being featured on his popular podcasts.