Stacey A. Peters

Offering travel tips, travel ideas and travel advice as a freelance writer, world traveler & cultural commenter. I am also a military wife & mom blogging about my travels, career & healthy lifestyle while constantly hanging and rehanging my pictures, looking for the best coffee shop with WI-FI and a good hair braider to keep my twists fresh.

I was born into the Army and have been traveling as the wife of a career soldier for more than 20 years. I am truly loving life as a military spouse and Navy and Air Force Mom. And although, I don’t always get to pick my next home, I am traveling the world on my own terms. I am a freelance writer/ blogger and amateur photographer, who while not great at it, loves to run.

I’m currently living in South Korea, but I’ve traveled all over Europe, the United States and the Caribbean and have recently added China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand to the list. I’ve learned that whether you drive across town, across state lines or across the big pond, there is something valuable to be learned, something worthwhile to be explored and something delicious to be eaten. Hopefully this blog is entertaining, informative and inspires you to find it!!