Hi there! I'm Petrina.
The purpose of this blog is to connect with and encourage women. I desire to see women healed. I want to share lessons I have learned, and expose lies that have been used against women to bring us into bondage. The truth sets us free indeed.
I have a heart for the ladies and am greatly concerned about the spiritual and all around well being of women. There are so many hardships women go through in this world. I admire the strength and resilience of so many.
Based on observation of other women's experiences, along with my own personal experiences, I realize that many women live outside of God's good will for us, and apart from much of His loving provision and purpose He has for us.
This has caused generational pain and devastating hardships for so many women all around the world.
I want to discuss topics that are necessary to discuss, but are often neglected by some others, and may be viewed as taboo topics. Many issues discussed will be things I do not hear even many pastors addressing.

I will address situations I have observed pertaining to women's plight, and examine them in light of God's word.
Some topics will be ones people tend to shirk or deflect from. However, we need change, and we must confront our problems; not avoid or run from them.
Women can make a huge difference if we have and apply knowledge, have holy and high standards, and set healthy boundaries. I'm a Christian, so my perspective is based on God's way of doing things.

What has gone so wrong for women, and so wrong in general for the world?
Well, we live in a world that operates in a way that opposes the ways of God; hence the world is a mess!
I will share how spiritual abuse and other events in my life have given me knowledge and made me so much stronger. I will share how God has taught me, healed me, kept me, and brought me thus far.
I believe women need to encourage, bless, and love one another. I pray for spiritual enlightenment and healing for all women, and pray that God will be glorified in our lives.
There are a lot of things we can do to take better care of ourselves and be glorifying to God.
There are many things to discuss, so let's chat!