My name is Rika Jordaan, and I am super enthusiastic about the development and changes in the pharmaceutical industry. Natural ways of healing has become an even bigger passion of mine. I am a pharmacist at a local pharmacy, working my way up in the industry through currently studying towards my Masters degree in Pharmacy Practice. Which means I am doing A LOT of research. I have a passion for people and animals and helping them to be healthier in their own way. Traveling is one of my biggest dreams, but doing so, is a bit difficult with a full time job. I am married to the greatest and most supportive husband on this planet.. no, I don't have any children..yet.., but I do have a the most beautiful kitty child. She is a big enough drama queen for now.. In the future I hope to help and assist my patients and readers with some helpful information on the use of medicine and herbal products, to be a healthier and happier YOU!!