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I am smitten with photography, it is seriously AWESOME! Capturing a memory that you can have forever, what can compare to this?! With a lens, I see the beauty in everyday life, whether it is in textures, light, the eyes…well you get the picture.

I have two major loves in this field, one is families, especially the children. Capturing the amazing range of love and emotion in the kiddos, nothing speaks to my heart more. The second, capturing a travel adventure, it is the best souvenir a family can bring home from their travels. Your photos will transport you back to your vacation and the preserve the BIG moments your family had.

Pride in Photos is my place to record creations, designs, thoughts, inspirations, but most of all photographic memories. I’d love to capture your moments, big or small.

Please email lsriver4310 at gmail dot com to contact me for information regarding availability and pricing.

If you would like to check us out a little more before hiring us, you will find a page called “Featured Here” where you can see where we have been featured or awarded for our photography. Feel free to click on the images and it will take you to the blogs/websites.

I hope Pride in Photos will become your daily retreat for encouragement and inspiration! It’s essentially my playground, it’s a piece of art for me and hopefully people can connect with it. We have added a new feature on our posts that is called, “Tip of the Day for Bloggers/Photographers!”

Thank you for letting me share my prospective on how I see the world through the glass.

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