Piers Michael

Bangalore, India

I live in Bangalore, India. By profession I work in the computer industry, I have worked in this field for the last 30 years. However I have always had an interest in photography but since there was nothing happening in this field where I lived at the time I started working I did not take it up professionally.

However since 2007 I have been learning and discovering more and more about photography. I love to photograph people and have photographed quite a few weddings in my spare time. My passion however is for street photography. I love to capture moments in time, memories that would be kept alive in the photograph.

I always believe there should be a connection between you and the photograph you take. I love to take walks with my camera. There is always an opportunity to capture people and their emotional responses to the life around them. This way I document life around me and my relationship to it.

Over the last couple of years I have started shooting more and more black and white as I try to discover and improve my composition. This after I decided to get rid of my SLR and all the lenses I had collected. I started shooting photos only with my phone initially, till I settled on the Canon Powershot G5 X hopefully in time I will learn to create the photographs in my mind.

Apart from my interests in computers and photography I am a Christian and I have a great relationship with my God I find it invigorating when I seek to hear his voice. It's a continuous challenge to understand his plan in my life a challenge I accept and it has been fulfilling.

Would love to hear from you so do leave a comment or two when can.

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