Patrick Fitzpatrick

Pennsylvania, USA

A Christ-follower, husband and father of five, the leader of a Christian school, a children's book author, an advocate for adoption, an avid backyard gardener, a whitetail archer, and foodie.

Currently I have two children's books available through online booksellers. I invite each of you to check these books out and share them with children in your life!

The Oxpecker and Giraffe: I Need You and You Need Me was first published in 2010 by Creation Book Publishers and is now in its sixth printing. In this book filled with whimsical poetry the Oxpecker helps the stubborn and proud Giraffe to understand the mutualism that defines their relationship. The Giraffe and the reader are introduced to other African animals and both gain a greater appreciation for the intelligent creator's genius.

Princess of the Misty Mufu Mountains was self-published in 2016 and illustrated by my son, Adam Fitzpatrick. Adam is a concept artist, and he helped to make the characters and the landscape come to life in this exciting adoption story filled with love, life, and adventure.