Pink Creative Shutterbug Genius, LLC.

United States

Avid Shutterbug since 1983. Born and bred Wyoming Cowgirl. Attended a year of College next to Yellowstone national park in Wyoming. Studied Photography. black and white as well as Colour. Film processing of black and white as well as Colour. Darkroom Development and Production of black and white as well as Color prints and enlargements. Yellowstone was burning. We went as a team of photographer, with the Volunteers from school and volunteer fire fighters. We were able to photograph the Forest in a Major Transition, Overhall. The fire transformed the Forest and Wildlife and Vegetation. Mt. Saint Helens erupted during the same time. The sun would turn orange, purple, red, and blue. And the ashes were piled on the wind shields of vehicles. It was as if it were snowing. Snowing Ashes. Finally the puzzle pieces of my life are coming all together. Creating the magnificent painting of my life...
~ Shutterbug~ 88'