Peace be with you! Thank you for stopping by! I'm a wife, mom of three, British expat blogger living in UAE.

I've been blogging since 2010 haphazardly from the squidoo days. When squidoo was no more I moved over to Wordpress. I'm still figuring it out here. While I do that, here's the two things you need to absolutely know about me.

I love coffee, my faithful companion in life. My day is split up by coffee o'clocks, savouring ever dark molten sip, its like a much needed head massage. Did I mention I have three kids? Perfectly measured, like a science and sought out at the quietest of opportunities, for maximum effect.

Secondly I love books. I hunt out bookstores, spending hours obsessing over books, when I'm not in bookstores, I'm at home obsessing over books. I also like reading books, of course.