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Bruce James Coleman, Jr. was born in 1981 in New Orleans, Louisiana; His first love was poetry than poetry developed into rap. Rap is the son o Poetry and Poetry is the mother, a beautiful mother i might add. Christian Rap is what Coleman loves doing. He got his start with Christian Rap with just doing freestyles on YouTube in 2007 and from there he started taking Christian Rap more serious.

Coleman evolution to Christian Rap first started when he was fourteen years old. Before Christian Rap he was a poet first. He was published in 1999 in a book entitled Teen Sexuality and Writing not Drowning. Coleman appeared on a television show entitled Teen Expression reciting one of his poems. Coleman even one a first place poetry contest with the NACCP with a reward of 500 dollars and a trip to New York. Success was with Coleman at an early age but Coleman can say there is nothing satisfying to him more than Christian Rap,"All the poetry contest, being published in books,and being on television can't compare to how much more I love performing and writing Christian Rap."After all this success in high school Coleman joined the Navy and forgot about poetry and rapping. He got out of the Navy in 2003 and went back to New Orleans. In Hurricane Katrina hit and Coleman found his self living in Houston, Texas. Coleman says "after living in the world for years i found my way back to Jesus and God Almighty, and my gift of rapping came back to me." If anything being a sinner in the world made Coleman a stronger Christian Rapper. Christian Rap seemed like the most natural thing for Coleman to start pursuing.

Born as a poet and grew into a rapper. "in my previous years i couldn't find my true expression as a worldly rapper but when i started doing Christian rap or some call it Holy Rap life started to blossom beautifully." when Coleman listens to his rap songs it give him a mark to how he should be living. "Listening to my own songs gives me the strength to be a stronger Christian and as people listen to my first album and all albums coming in the future may it bring you motivation, inspiration, and a righteous rejuvenation.

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