Poet of the Light

I’m a deep visualizing poet creating particular facets, not only line by line, but even the shades and innuendo's between them; to the point that, I can get so comfortably caught up in my imaginations first imperfect draft that I sometimes just move in to stay there… rhetorical, spelling, grammar, mechanics be damn, nothing in life is that perfect. I don’t need tailor made, I need someone/something to fit well enough that it becomes fashionable for me to wear well. I don’t need to pretend to know everything and I resist pontificating those things I’m well versed in.

I'm just a simple romantic at heart waiting on a perfect storm to completely sweep over me like a gentle fresh dawn. In the meantime, I write meaningful (to me) poetry from my heart and share it here. I tend to approach everyone a friend, until they demonstrate something different. I enjoy having creative exchanges with other like minds artist, writers.

Thank you for reading, commenting and your visit. I appreciate all the feedback (good or bad) you care to offer.

Feel free to reach out by email for private exchanges if you wish.