I'm a Family Nurse Practitioner and a Novice writer that is up to my neck in my first work of fiction. I have decided to do something very random and that is give up my home, store all of my belongings and travel to unknown and unfamiliar destinations providing healthcare.

This is the reason for this blog. I love to drive and stop at impromptu locations to take photographs, taking my time, and experiencing the location I happen to be at. What better way to combine all of my passions than to travel for a living, three month assignments at a time, photograph along the way and capture the experience in a blog?

I will continue to chip away at my book, make additions to this blog and to do my best at providing some kind of a difference to the under served. I promise the journey will be thought provoking, humorous at times, and never ever dull.

Thanks for joining my journey.

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