Pondering Princ


I retired a little over 3 years ago. I spent 34 years in education as a teacher and school administrator. I turned 22 during my first year of teaching. A few months after retiring, I turned 56. I must admit that I’m feeling a little lost in the self-discovery/reinvention journey, in this phase of life that everyone looks forward to reaching.

I always thought I knew who I was – multifaceted, multidimensional and well-rounded.. After three years I have come to realize, and am now ready to acknowledge that the biggest part of me, the part I was most comfortable being, was my career. I miss being an educator – it fit me. Because my career became who I was, it seems I can't remember the other facets and dimensions that rounded me out.

So, now it's time for remembering, unlocking, maybe re-discovering or perhaps unleashing. Time to ponder all the ‘other possibilities’ of me. I am going to try new things – even things I never knew I wanted to try. My retirement years are about to take a turn. It’s time to put the ‘F’ in retirement: Fun, Fascinating, and Fabulous!