Name: Sophie Mack aka portraitchiq
Sex: Heterosexual female
Relationship Status: Boyfriend of 3 years who hasn't said shit about getting married; matter of fact, it hasn't been a topic of discussion, ok?!
Children: I hope not but waiting for test results...I'm kidding
Age: 30
Religion: Hope to find God before He finds me. You know, it's like, I can't seem to keep in touch
Likes: Painting, Drawing, Money, Reality TV, Drake, Cardi B, Fiction mainly by women, White wine, My bed, Peace, Cheese and eggs, Watermelon and you better not say shit, My boyfriend sometimes **rolling eyes**
Dislikes: People who don't like me, Okra, Illiteracy, Disorganization, Surface people, Cliques, Big ass dogs, Cowards, Greed, Controllers, People who hurt kids, Seeing white shit in the corner of people's mouth, My boyfriend sometimes

I have stories inside of me. I like to illustrate the faces of the people in them. However beautiful, unprepared, distorted or arranged, I'm interested in people and how a portrait tells their story. Everything you do becomes a part of your legacy and I'm here to help you capture that through the art of portraiture. You might find that I entertain , disturb or enlighten you and that's okay. That's what I'm here for.