Jordan Hoggard

Santa Fe, New Mexico USA

I work with my Kintsukuroi of Self Reading System utlizing Tarot, Astrology, Psycho-Spiritual Architecture, and the Alchemy of Identity for actionable results and to assist and guide people in their personal, individuation process. Rather than experience being what you get when you don't get what you want, or suffer loss, or have emotional scars, I utilize the Japanese concept of Kintsukuroi and apply to Self with my clients. In Kintsukuroi broken vessels are re-connected with gold lacquer. The thing is considered more valuable for having been broken. Rather than scars, the splendor of Inner Gold flows up from within to fill the cracks celebrated as experience and connection. Whether a break is minor or at the level of a tectonic plate shift, Kintsukuroi of Self may be able to return more of You to You.

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