Prachi Bhandari

Mumbai, India

I am a storyteller, life guide, an concrete analyst and all around fun living being.
I love to write. But sometimes i get too lazy and however just drop the matter..however there are times when I do get serious, take a pen and paper to sit down and write.
I love anime and travelling. I have a dream of moving all around the places in the world.
I get addicted once I start reading a book/story..and return to reality only after I am done.
I find blogging as a way to rant myself and also a great platform to expose ones skills, thoughts and ideas...!!
I like origami and my passion is all art related stuff and I really hope to paint well too !
Music is my Soul. Its like a whole different universe. The different genres are like different countries and oceans. So literally listening to songs drifts me to another universe.
I believe that everything in life has a meaning and alertness. There's a meaning to each and every action -reaction pair...And yes I'm a Science student..:) I have So many Likes and fact I'm very picky.
Some days I seem to be lost in my own little world (little...who says it's little!), and
other days lost in this great big world! In search of meaning, I created the Rubai'yat of Life.
You can find me, exploring life's great mysteries (and sometimes being just a little weird).

Life is an adventure, and you are invited along as I seek to explore that adventure...starting from within and moving out into the world.

Carpe diem! ...and all things happy...

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