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As a lifelong student of history and a person of faith, I have been moved to combine my passions into this blog. What you will read here is my personal journey as I literally "pray through history."

I want to encourage site visitors to view the past in terms of how we as a race of humans have broken with the Lord in our dealings with one another -- and to acknowledge those points of separation, live more freely in the present, and pass blessings to future generations instead of curses.

I am deeply indebted to the wonderful and comprehensive work of the Minnesota Historical Society ( When I discovered their timeline tool at, I was inspired to meditate on -- and pray over -- Minnesotan history. The timeline provided an essential framework for the ideas and expressions posted here.

Welcome to all, from curious to serious, who want to encounter some significant stories and events of Minnesota history as they occurred in the past, impact the present, and inform the future!

- James Orvis

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