About The Founder Of D.A.Y

Banire Olamilekan Saleem popularly known as Prince_Horbanny was born into the family of a great scholar Prof. Bunyameen Banire Alalaye (Doctor) in Lagos, Nigeria on the 11th of June 1996. He started his academic life in Nigeria, and have his first leaving school certificate in the year 2012. Being a literate and genius young man, He is an highly respected being in the society. He is a motivational speaker, a writer, a poet, an adviser to different association and organization, and also a counselor to different elite(s) in the aspect of life and everything beyond it.
He is presently the founder and president of the “HORBANITE YOUTH OF AFRICA” (HYA), “Daily ACHIEVEMENT of the YOUTH" (D.A.Y), and a member of the American Corner CcHUB (MOOC Camp).
Also a volunteer and inn-member of the Jimi Tewe Consultant Mentorship, a member of The Universal Vounteer, a member of the NGO "NobleHeart Foundation", and a co-founder of the NGO "One-Child Foundation (1CF)".
He is a pious and noble writer/poet on both relationship and general aspect of life, in which he has written many books that are yet to be published.
He is single with so many brothers & sisters in the family fueling up his energy, and due to that love and support given to him, he never resist and always aspire to acquire the desire he admire.
He is a religious young man that returns all adorations to Almighty God, and never for once stop thanking Him for everything He has done, that He is doing, and that He will continue doing in his life.
He is also a young blessed man that likes to commit every of his activities unto the hands of God Almighty, and loves to end every of his activities with the statement “THANK YOU GOD”.