Siddharth Sharma

I am a gypsy in this modern concrete world. I have put down my roots so no I am not your average nomadic gypsy. Its my soul which is the wanderer. I go by life on a whim, a full time wife and mother, today a blogger, tomorrow maybe a traveller and sometimes even a corporate professional working a 9 to (nevermind) type of a job. Life is meant to be lived and I wear my emotions on my sleeve. Diplomatic I cannot do, I love fiercely, get angry and maybe even shout in frustration, but what I don't do is pretend. You can always be sure that what you see is what I am. Come be my friend if you can take it.

PS: If you sometimes see the display name as 'Siddharth Sharma', that's because my son also blogs with me. Do visit his blog

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