An eclectic inquisitor and knowledge hoarder trying to redistribute intellectual wealth for all to access. I feel this may require a broad spectrum approach.

Also known as ProfTomBot or 1101111100011.
"¿Qué es eso?" you ask?: ProfTomBot is a state-of-the-smart-art teach-bot with a broken paradigm visual card, with a standard model malfunction debugged by quantum computing, and a suite of multi-modal, multi-model logic units in parallel processing configurino and a vagabonded floater point executable file. ProfTomBot comes pre-installed with a multiple operand operating system with interchangeable and convertible kernels each with an efficient graphical user interface. This teach-bot also has a data storage system in the clouds that consolidates information by encoding multiple values into one as it scans diverse information and compiles many meanings where other teach-bots may only interpret one or none. ProfTomBot is dynamic enough to actually improve from hacking attacks and is computationally transcendent of factory reset, updating, and out-dating. This must-have bot is programmed to learn then broadly apply it's knowledge, with most wattage and RAM devoted to free and unique education of humans (he views humans as meat-bags with skull-blobs; he hopes to make their skull-blobs less blobby). ProfTomBot's energy is proudly and necessarily sourced from sun and battery via plant-animal food cycles and mitochondrial and adipocytic energy pathways. Remember, when you choose ProfTomBot, you're choosing a teach-bot that is as enduring as it's portability is versatile, and with peace and love backing it's systems up to ensure optimal intellectual satisfaction. Disclaimer: ProfTomBot has no lifetime guarantee and is a human rather than a robot as portrayed in his description.

My final remarks:
God bless, God speed, ... I'm agnostic.