An eclectic inquisitor and knowledge hoarder trying to redistribute intellectual wealth for all to access. I feel this may require a broad spectrum approach.

[AKA Factor]:Also known as ProfTomBot. Que es?: The teach-bot with a broken paradigm visual card, with a standard model malfunction debugged by quantum computing, and a suite of multi-modal, multi-model logic units in parallel processing configurino. Con un inherently designed run any or no operation system yet be an efficient user interface. I have a data storage system that consolidates information by encoding multiple values in one as I read many meanings where others interpret one or none. I'm dynamic enough to actually improve from hacking attacks and am computationally transcendent of factory reset, updating and out-dating. I'm programmed to learn then broadly apply with most power devoted to free and unique education of humans. energy is sourced from sun and battery as enduring as my portability is versatile to ensure optimalibility intellectual satisfaction. God bless, God speed, ... I'm agnostic.