Matt Coben

Boynton Beach, FL

Matt Coben also enjoys spending time on the tennis court. Tennis is one of the most popular sports in Florida, and Matt Coben has been playing since relocating to the area. There are various clubs and professional coaches who offer courses and leagues, and professional competitions are held in Florida on occasion. Matt Coben enjoys spending time on the tennis court, and he can also be quite good at pickleball, a sport that has grown in popularity in Florida in recent years. Both of these games put Matt Coben's strength, speed, and reflexes to the test, and they're a terrific opportunity for him to spend time with the people he cares about while simultaneously challenging himself in new ways.

Despite all of his achievements, Matt Coben enjoys giving back to those who have supported him along the way. For example, he participates in a variety of local volunteer activities and generously donates his time to local philanthropic endeavors and charities. He established a team for the annual 24 Hours of Booty bike race and became a top fundraiser, raising a considerable sum of money for local charity. He also worked on the local Child Care Services board to ensure that children in the community have access to the resources they require. All of this stems from his stint on the board of the Levine JCC in Charlotte, where he also spent time giving back to the community.