Rachael Gracie Carver


Rachael ‘Gracie’ Carver moved to Norwich from Staffordshire, via Essex. She studied Design for Publishing at the Norwich School of Art and Design, and graduated with a First-class degree (with a principal's commendation) having completed a dissertation on the art and artefacts of Pompeii. She is currently Head of Design at a craft company based in Leicester. She has a significant interest in popular culture and you can find more of her writings on her blogs: Vermilion Goldfish Art Blog, Inked on Culture and The Inked Crafter. In short, she is a Music Obsessive, Ink Addicted, Crafter, Designer, WWE Nerd, with a wonderful husband and son, and three cats: one who is grumpy, one who is stupid, and one who is cuddly and secretly the family favourite.

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