San Bernardino, California

This is the first Racing Rivals Hack of it's kind. Unlike most Racing Rivals hacks, this isn't integrated into your game installation. In no way do we use your device or account to inject data into the game, which ensures your accounts safety, not to mention the longevity of this hack. Our websites front end is unique and sleek, but it doesn't show what happens behind the scenes. Our GUI communicates with our websites back-end, which is what ultimately operates the hack.

The hack consists of something called SQL Injection. Essentially, all we're doing is injecting data into a database by querying whatever values you select, therefor changing the values within your game. Although this is a very uncomplicated explanation, we can assure you, it's not as simple as it sounds. The best part about our hack is that we're not modifying live game data, we're changing values in a database. Whatever values are changed cannot be detected, because the systems they currently have in place can only detect live game data changes. Which is great news for those who use our website on a basis.

Our hack is permanent. It cannot cause your account to become permanently banned. We've gone through extensive tests to ensure the safety of our users - you can be confident in our websites ability to provide you with one of the leading Racing Rivals Hack out there!