Transilvania, Romania

Rafaela Mihai is a Medical Doctor and a medium. The author was born in one of the biggest cities of Transylvania, a region of Romania, during Communism. Rafaela did not have almost any spiritual or religious knowledge most of my life. She was trained to be a career woman and to believe in facts and science proves. She had a series of spiritual events in her childhood and during her school years, which she choose to ignore not knowing what they were. Even when Rafaela was saved by what seemed a divine intervention, she did not want to believe that might be something outside my daily existence.
During her LSAT exam, she developed a phobia, with which she struggled her college years. She lived in fear and been angry most of the time without reason. In the middle of her 20s, she became a medical doctor, without having a relationship until at that age. After that, she wanted to get married and to have my own family. Rafaela started serious dating while she was working as a resident doctor. She had two serious relationships which ended up badly. Rafaela knew her life was not supposed to be like only that. She craved for something more than the everyday life, but she did not find it for three decades. She had to fall even deeper into the darkness before she could begin to rise.
When the author was ready to change she went through a series of events, which brought her to John of God, in Abadiania, Brazil. She was helped there to learn who she was and how to be herself. Rafaela Mihai reconnected with God in John of God's spiritual center, and she found out that she was a medium.

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