'I am a born again holy-spirit filled warrior saint of God'

Christian Author / Poet and Spiritual Artist
Human Rights & Political Activism
Walking the Red Road AHO!

For I am a Warrior of God
I act in spite of Fear,
in his Stealth,
For I am a Warrior of God
I am willing to do Whatever it takes,
For I am a Warrior of God
I do Everything at 100%
in His Grace,
For I am a Warrior of God
I am Willing to do what's hard,
in His Courage,
For I am a Warrior of God
I act in spite of my Moods
in His Majesty,
For I am a Warrior of God
I am Bigger than Any Obstacle
in His Might,
For I am a Warrior of God
I Succeed in spite of Anything,
For I am a Warrior of God
I will Never Give Up!
For I am a Warrior of God
Our father, Son Jesus Christ
and the Holy Spirit, In Jesus name AMEN

I have been writing and submitting Poetry to Forward Press Publishing, Triumph House and Poetry Now, since 1998, with numerous works published in their themed Anthologies and represented the South Uk. Continuing with my Creative Writing and Poetry, have written and self~published my small books of Poetry. Currently writing a Book of Verse, Poems of Love, Mother Earth, Healing, Prayers, Heart and Spirit upon Life's Journey. Along side an exentsive portfoli of RAINBOW HEALING ART, working with Watercolour, Ink and Graphite. Colourwork shown in exhibition and take to local Craft fairs etc...Aho. I would like to thank you for reading my inspiring written 'works' that is a joy to write. Fore, you are my Inspiritation, you Enrich my life's journey. Sharing a little Peace, Harmony, Hope, faith in all we do as we walk along life's journey. May your Love Light shine, Heart and Spirit. Mitakuye Oyasin, All My Relations. My other name being 'Rainbow Earth Turtle' given by my Spirit Brother Robert 'Starfire Turtle' Bruce Carter (Choctaw/Cherokee/Irish)

Sweet Mother, I feel your heartbeat
dancing and prancing, love and life
has sprung from you
a bond so true, I honour you.

Sweet Mother, I feel you under my feet,
we walk upon your land
with gentle kisses to your breeze
your sweet caress, I honour thee.

Fore, I stand tall, yet I am small
a single thread, the web of life
we weave, with love, respect
I honor you.