Adawehi'Tzak Elverette

11 Ona Leylinenearaportal

Hi, my name is Steven but you can call me Adawehi'Tzak which means Conjuring Wizard Diviner. Conjuring is a bit strong of a word to describe that which I do, albeit with a high degree of respect, gratitude and honor. More accurately I think they're the ones conjuring/summoning me from the comfort and safety of home to come out alone in the wee hours, armed only with a drum and star/moonlight for light to see and settle in an old chair I keep down by the creek and fall into trance.
If you could see what usually happens once I get there, you'd be either doing the same and share the ecstatic joy this type of work brings with it... or running back home in horror. Like life, Nature has its ups and downs, good and bad. I respect anyone's right to do as they will in regards to this sort of business.

Magickal name: (pronounced: Adawhiyzic). Derived from the Cherokee and the Mayan languages these two words bring to our times the vibrational signature of tens of thousands of years of a long history of their collective use.
I am a Shaman. But I prefer to think of myself as a solo Wizard. The word's deeper meaning is "Wise sard". I have no certifications, papers with permission to call myself or claim that I can offer services under the title of "Shaman". However, I walk in the footsteps of my Grandmother, and those of her mother, Ma Crofton a Seer, Psychic, White Witch and Healer... A Shamaness in her own right born with a gift that helped a lot of people find lost items money, wedding rigns, missing people, pets and themselves, Growing up I've heard so many stories about how she helped those in need without expectation of payments for her services. Even she's no longer with us, some forty years later she can be googled and virtually still lives on in the internet and physically through me, her blood lives on.

After almost two years spent venturing out creekside, deep in the remote mountain forests on the border of Pisgah National Forest, I have finally found my true calling and that which resonates with my soul. The name and profile photo I use alludes to that which I am and am doing.