Dylan Raines

Dylan Raines is a humanitarian, explorer, writer, contemplative minister and communications strategist.

He has one simple mission in life: to bring people together, regardless of our differences, to END needless suffering.


“Humanitarian” is defined as having a care and general concern for the well-being of humanity. In a sense, this may be the very foundation of what it means to be a true human being at all- to care for one another. Dylan Raines aims to serve, promote and bring people together in support of causes and ministries who are working to help life people out of poverty and eliminate needless suffering wherever it exists. He believes that the United Nations Charter for Human Rights outlines a vision with principles we call aspired to achieve, and launches initiatives with the hope of helping us get there.


Dylan Raines has gained notoriety as an “adventure missions” explorer. He has walked thousands of miles across the United States as a pilgrim, living and trekking on-foot through cities, communities and countrysides with the simple purpose of being present and willing to serve all those whom he meets along his path. He has now established a “home base” in Seattle, Washington, but continues to look for opportunities to simply walk and share his heart and message of freedom around the world.

Writer & Author

Dylan writes about a wide-range of topics; including contemplative prayer, religion, politics, human rights and many other issues which are difficult to categorize.

Contemplative Minister

Dylan is a minister who believes that the fundamental truth of existence is found in the relationship we share with the whole of reality- God. In God, we find our true selves, our real identity. God is the fullness of truth, freedom, love, peace, joy, generosity, understanding and all other fruits of the spirit. This is the reality of life our world is in greatest need of receiving and living. Dylan uses the word “contemplation” to describe a practice of navigating through the thoughts and limitations within the mind which would distract us from recognizing the truth we’ve always known, the Truth of Heaven on Earth.

Communications Strategist

After spending his early twenties working as a web developer and marketing consultant in the corporate world, Dylan began to give his services and skills freely to all nonprofit organizations, ministries and people with great causes that impact the lives of others and change our world for the better.