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My name is Ray and I'm a business owner (a real one). I've been a software developer/closer/sales manager/trainer/boiler room ringleader, writing code, closing deals, and running call centers since my teens. I'm also a flexible vegetarian since age 4, and the biggest Rolling Stones fan I know.

I started my first business broke and homeless not long after counted among the 1% but never got a trophy I've more than five $0 to $1mil+ first year successes, and never been funded. Being an entrepreneur all my adult life I don’t know any other way to think or be. But have always hated the word as it brings to mind broke dreamers in bathrobes. Never Me. I don’t even own a robe!

I’m what I am in the real way, not the hype machine way that trivializes us. And find the current gold rush exploitative, destructive, insulting, and dishonest. Business is not about gambling and should not be a lottery of exits that favors a clique, race, sexuality, or political ideology.

I trade time in Mexico and Los Angeles. I feel America is bullshit so I walked from my condo in the financial district, moving to south of Tijuana. I found a priceless sort of peace, and what wasn’t priceless was priced-less. Get it? Ha-ha!

My business? Is money. All other details and motivations are arbitrary, and circumstantial, what I do is simply what's needed at a given time. If I'm building an ecommerce project selling shoes, I'm not a 'shoe guy'. Dig? What I'm working on is improving whatever the best opportunity in front of me is, increasing revenue and opportunities, and adding a backup plan or two. Things are good when I get to choose, but I've done more than OK with what I least wanted to do.

If my worst enemy is honest they'll confirm. No enterprise has been poorer for my participation or refinements, and none I've operated failed to have both revenue, and profit, ever. often before any paperwork is filed. Why ask though? Its simple enough to logically deduce for yourself, given the absence of funding. Do or die without a net, is not really a choice, just a powerful motivator. If your worst case and baseline is still profitable, success is never out of reach.

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