St Louis Missouri

I am a wife and a mother to 3 adult daughters- Stephanie, Deanna and Jessica. Also, I am a grandmother to Christian, Hailey, Jaiden and Elena. In 2005, I graduated from Bryan College with a degree in Business Administration focusing on Organizational Management. I discovered while in college, that I love writing. Some of my professors encouraged me more in this area also.
After I started college and had my children, I was diagnosed with Epilepsy and another chronic illness. My first purpose in writing is to encourage others with Epilepsy and other chronic illnesses and disorders. I know how difficult it is to navigate through life with difficult illnesses and I want to tell my story and support those who have to manage such struggles.
Also, I am passionate about many family and moral issues and love to offer advice and a Biblical perspective on them. Guiding and challenging those who have wrestled in the past or are currently battling difficult scenarios inside their heart and in the lives of those close to them, is important to me. We are in a difficult time in history right now. I hope that I can help inspire and motivate you on your journey through life.