Real Love Letterss

Yes! Letter writing still exists in this day and age. And there is something wildly exciting about getting a real love letter in your mailbox.

This site will show you exactly how a shy, introvert, Mormon girl falls in love with an outspoken, extrovert...who just so happens to be a convict serving 43 years in prison.

Explore our journey that starts with a Prison Pen-Pal Ad, and continues all the way through falling in love, marriage, and into the intimate setting of conjugal visits.

This is our true love story. We have decided to be 100% transparent with our unique and amazing relationship.

Our main communication is primarily through writing, which enables us to deeply express and beautifully articulate our emotions. As we share our real love letters, you will discover that an endeavor like this definitely takes love, patience, commitment, excellent communication, and hard work.

BE ADVISED: Some content may be of a romantic, sexual nature.

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