Sudharsan B

Hello, dear reader! Thank you for taking the time to visit this blog. Sudharsan B aka 方长生 is a former journalist, passionate blogger, polyglot and aspiring hyper-polyglot from the Republic of India. He worked as a journalist with The New Indian Express newspaper in Chennai from 2014-15 and after that has been focussing on learning languages. When he finds time, he either blogs, writes or learns languages. Sudharsan exhibits varying levels of fluency in English, Hindi, Tamil, Chinese, Russian and Japanese. After attaining a particular level of fluency in the languages he learns, he'd like to start learning West Asian languages, especially Hebrew and Persian, following which he'd start learning European languages. As far as this blog is concerned, it is political and at the same time personal. As a student of Sociology and a former journalist with a leading national daily, Sudharsan is extremely passionate about expressing his political views. He feels being candid and forthright is extremely important in a vibrant democracy like India. He also loves travelling.