Jesus freak, religious fanatic, extreme metal music-loving, possibly metrosexual ginger young adult living a relatively monastic life..... oh wait, I'm also a drug addict.

Lord Jesus, please help you (the reader) and I to benefit from this project.

The primary goal of this blog is to bring glory to the Lord Jesus Christ. The intent is to bring glory to the Lord through a thorough demonstration of His delivering power in an otherwise young, hopeless case.

This blog is simply a 95% unedited free-writing project about my daily life and thoughts about it BUT the reader should be aware of the fact that my drug addiction, as well as the myriad palate of issues that it frequently has a direct hand in manifesting, is one of the most frequent subjects discussed in this blog.

The primary goal of this project is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ through thorough documentation of His delivering hand coming through in the young life of an otherwise hopeless case.

This entire blog is free-written and 95% of it is unrevised. It is just about my daily life in general and my thoughts on it, with relatively few strayings into the realm of outside affairs.

Most of my entries specifically focus on my drug addictions and the myriad problems that they cause me on a daily basis. This is not intentional at all, but drugs play such a huge role in my life during active periods that purposefully trying to write about other things in my life when my conscience is focused on drugs would be something of a dishonest act. A dishonest act to both the reader and myself, where I try to deny the existence or presence of a million pound gorilla in the room when there is. in fact, a million pound gorilla sitting in the room.

Saying that the million pound gorilla decided to take a vacation for a bit, when it is still sitting there with no intentions of getting itself up to do anything but thrash you and those stuck with you for as long as you're alive, does not result in the gorilla leaving the room to actually take a vacation.

When the gorilla is thrashing me, I'm going to report it here. Even if it is just a vain effort that won't be read by anyone besides friends that I guilt trip into visiting the site and uncle sam's alphabet soup analysts.

I pray that the Lord will keep the focus of this blog squarely on whatever His will dictates, rather than allowing me to use it a simple self-promotion platform with a whole bunch of easily digestible content.

Lord Jesus, please ensure that this blog benefits anyone who reads it rather than hurts. Please ensure that no one reads this blog who is too sensitive to handle the subject matter of it without an extreme negative emotional reaction. Please Lord Jesus, lead only those who would benefit from this blog to it.