The Tired Retired Midwife

Pacific Northwest

Mother, 4, Great Grandmother, 11 and GGGrandmother, 5. Retired RN/midwife. Born in Humboldt County , CA. 1955. ♏️. Live in the PNW. I am single by CHOICE. I share my life with Mithril, a Maine Coon feline of 5 yrs who was born in France whom I rescued and our sweet and intense Hollyhock, a beautiful black rescue cat. I seek peace through ☸️🌲🕉🌾☮️🌸☯️ and most of all 🌿 nature. I am a believer of Scientific Pantheism, a Garden🍄fairy, Humanist🌚Crone, Pagan🤎heart and E

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