1. Course: BA Journalism

2. Favorite Book: We Were Liars by E. Lockhart. This book hits hard. It's a suspense YA novel that has a very disturbing ending as if its plot isn't mysterious enough.

3. Favorite film: Gone Girl, a film directed by David Fincher. I guess I really like psychological thrillers and this film really gave justice to that.

4. Favorite Media Practitioner: Maria Ressa. I love how critical she is of the current administration and how she remained undaunted despite the several attacks on her. I aspire to have the same bravery, grit, and passion.

5. Favorite band: One Direction. I have been a huge fan of this band since my early teenage years. Even up to this day, their music still inspires and lifts my spirit up.

6. Favorite Internet Site: Twitter. It is in this platform that my mind was exposed to different issues. Twitter has a great influence on how I view things today.

7. Favorite Meal: Pinakbet (or basically anything that has bagoong or that my mom or my grandmother cooks). It is the food that I always look forward to eating after a long and tiring school day.

8. Hobbies: I enjoy reading books, binge-watching American series, and having long meaningful walks around the campus.