Hidden Valley, Arizona

I have worked really hard to change my life for the better so people would approve of me and my life but, i never should have done that. because i am great the way i am... and here are some need to knows about this girl...

Golden Girls Rock! polka dots make me smile the best colors togther are pink and balck, i love Music the Best is Metal any type will work for me! i collect tiggers and i have over 300 or i have bigger dreams then i think i can achieve, but we will see one step at a time. I think Peanut butter and Mayo sandwichs are the greatest Sandwich, Musicals are the greatest movies ever!!! most people think roses are the sweetest smells, I love a Fire Fighter after a house fire. I am a mother of two handsome boys Collin and Nikioli, my boys are the reason i get up i the morning they are my whole reason for being here today. I Love music and listening to it almost all day everyday, some people think they know the real me but they dont. i am alot nicer then i let on, my favorite animal is a buffalo, they are so damn cute!

I am just an average every day girl trying to live life and deal with what is tossed my way. i am up for almost anything. I write to help myself get through my past and move on with my future. I have had a rocky life, I have been through almost everything that life can give a person. I write honestly with all my heart and soul, with hope that I will some how be able to help someone, not only myself but others that have been through the rocky life. I hope I am able to share my life, my feelings, my pain, and my happiness even triumph with the world. I take pride in my writing and will never regret what I write, it is the truth through my eyes.

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