The New Renaissance Mindset

When asked What Do I Do, I have to answer: I invite and guide people to answer the question: “Have you considered…?”
I believe successful people have passion for the work they do.
Their passion makes the work great and I get a RUSH when sharing their stories.
I write to help amazing people get their greatest work into the world.

This probably sums me up the best. I'm always practicing how to turn a lifetime of curiosity & a passion for sharing knowledge into The New Renaissance Mindset! Along my path, I've developed a passion for art, advertising, marketing, human behaviour, positivity, spirituality, teaching, and creativity in every aspect of my life. Lately, this has given me opportunities to coach and consult on these passions, and to add my art to a variety of projects.
I am fortunate enough to live in some amazing communities that allow me to network with Growth Mindset Thought Leaders, Coach Entrepreneurs on how to Wisely invest in their Growth, Brainstorm with Professionals to answer my favourite question: "Have you thought of...?", and I get to play with art materials.
Isn't life just Tremendous?

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