Web Entrepreneur, traveller, family guy.

I've been developing, or at least attempting to develop websites for more than 20 years, I setup a domain registrar back in 2004, which I sold in 2016, I am better known for a very popular publishing site called Article Alley which grew to a membership of 550,000 at its peak

I am rebuilding Article Alley at the moment and it will be a focus of mine again in 2019.

During 2018 I have mosty worked on a site called Reporting Accounts, which has more than 4.1million business listings, these use information from the UK companies house and combines that together with 37 other sources to give hopefully a great single source for company information in the UK.

It still needs work on it, but I am pleased with the progress so far.

As you can see from the list on the other side of this page, I have a good number of websites, I had as many as 300 at one time when I worked full time as a web entrepreneur but at the moment I only work part time on all of this.

At the moment I work as an Accountant by day, and a web entrepreneur by night ! I enjoy travel this last year I have been to Cuba and over Xmas I am going to Cape Verde, my next project will be a deal finder for holiday bargains, I am certain I woud use that myself so it would pay for itself in no time !

Anyway if you have time and are interested please feel free to browse away through some of my sites, most of them user the blogamatic template which I am kinda stuck on.

I hope you enjoy.

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