My name is Jenni and I live in Mackay with my husband Michael. We have a very quiet life and I have achieved a level of contentment and happieness here that I have looked for since youth. My true skill in life is writing, not as in novels or short stories (although I do have some talent there) but as someone who can take the information given to them and give shape and clarity to it through the written word. I've worked in PR and Marketing for many years but now find the most satisfaction in assisting disability groups pro bono with their training manuals and workshops. I also assist my husband with his work in Mental Health and Recovery Based Practice. I've started this blog more as an open diary of my thoughts and ruminations both on the path my life has taken and why as well as a means of coming to understand more of who I am. I have used writing to assist others clearly frame their goals and understand their purpose - but this time it's for me. I hope over time others will join and share their own stories and that we can create a place to Unload and Unwind without judgement.

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