Rhonda Hull

Rhonda has used her gift most of her life and has experienced the "paranormal" since early childhood. The extraordinary accuracy of her psychic and medium readings has changed the lives of many. Rhonda can provide just the kind of insight and direction you've been looking for. As a medium, Rhonda has the gift of connecting her clients with loved ones who have crossed over.
As a Psychic Medium and Life Coach, she helps promote making positive choices in one's life which she believes leads to stronger self-esteem and self-empowerment.
Since 2010, Rhonda has worked on a volunteer basis as a psychic detective for an international non-profit organization called “FindMe”, working alongside law enforcement agencies to recover missing persons and solve homicide cases through her psychic readings. Through her involvement, Rhonda is dedicated to raising awareness about these revolutionary methods, as well as increasing public recognition as to the value of psychic readings in helping to recover missing persons and bringing closure to the victims’ families in homicide cases

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