Riak Marial Riak

Riak Marial Riak
Place of birth...... Aguran Yirol
Hometown........... Yerul South Sudan
Date of birth......... 25/2/1992

Riak Marial Riak is a south sudanese writer, poet and actor. He finished high school diploma in human resource and management, and currently a self-driven philosopher.
Riak Marial was born to a peasant father and mother, he was born in small village of Aguran and lived there until the age of four before transfering to Mapourdit. As a son to a peasant father Riak grew up in an environment he now calls A FAULT ENVIRONMENT where there are attacks from famine and diseases. At high school he was then passionate about getting someday into a movie industry where he could showcase his poetic talents and to tell to the world his poor life story.
Riak has more than two hundred poems of which are unpublised and currently working on the first epistles of those poems titled "THE SERVANT LAMENTATIONS" to be published.
He has written eighteen poems which can easily be found on POETFREAK and other poems on those platforms like ALLPOETRY. Most of his poems are got on the facebook page and could easily search for the names as of above and would find them and read.
Sometimes the world look hard to us until we fight the battle before we know we are really champions of life...... Riak Marial Riak
You cannot judge a fish for its ability not to climb a tree, the fish will live its life calling you stupid, you better find a sea to swim than a tree to climb.... Albert Eistein
That say has motivated me for so longtime, now I am almost in the stage to show how could one manage with the stress of life, how could one manage with poor life and the poor living conditions.
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