I’m from California, born and raised –don’t worry not all of us are crazy. Earned an MIS degree from SJSU and have been a 9-5 desk warrior since 2005. Oddly enough I’ve always wanted to be a 3D Animator / Graphic Designer, but unfortunately that wasn’t in the cards back when going to school. However, with working on this blog I think the door to graphic design will probably be reopened –there’s a lot to learn and I think learning to design great looking pictures/graphics will definitely help.

My interests include PC Gaming, Sci-Fi movies, ice hockey, watching cheesy 80’s movies and starting a side career in video game development (whew, the last one is a doozie –so much reading).

I’ve played ice hockey for 11 years and earned a black belt in Taekwondo.

Favorite PC Game: Baldur’s Gate 2

Favorite Movie: Iron Eagle