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Since the death of my twenty-year-old son, Kyle, I've been searching for answers regarding what really happened on the evening of his death, February 16, 2007. The investigation of his death conducted by the Clearwater Police Department and Detective Steve Bohling is replete with conflicts of interest and mishandled investigative procedures. Bohling's police report is full of half-truths and outright lies. Facts critical to the case were omitted.

In 2012, I had an expert criminologist analyze Detective Steve Bohling’s work and written narrative within his police report. He concluded that the detectives investigation of Kyle’s death was a farce. He noted that, because of Bohling’s seemingly purposeful mishandling of the case—and the myriad of lies told by the defendants—“it is evident that there is a connection between the Church of Scientology and the Clearwater Police Department.”

It is my hope that someone with new information pertaining to the events on the evening of February 16, 2007, will step forward. If someone has information-pertaining to Kyle or the above defendants, please contact me. What you know could make a huge difference.

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