Robert Buchanan

I'd love to tell you that I have an inspirational fitness story where I overcame a bunch of odds, and did the next to impossible, dropping hundreds of pounds, and in the process lost all kinds of weight and lack-of-fitness related diseases, but that just isn't my story. I'm just a guy who's walking the same path that many of you are. I'm figuring this out as I go along, but I have been traveling this fitness path for a long time now, and I'm pretty happy with my results so far. I'm a curious soul, and as a result, I tend to dive deep into the things I'm passionate about - like fitness. I started this blog to share what I've learned with others. As I learn more, and read new things, or talk to people who have gone to the trouble of getting those coveted initials after their names, I'll share my findings with you, but I'm not perfect, and I look forward to learning from some of you as well.